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About us

Tripod image is a team which consists of young creative  people, specialized in various  areas of digital art.

We are: Graphic designers, Product designers, CGI Artists (modelers, animators 2D / 3D), Illustrators (Cartoonists, book illustrators), Architects.

The idea of organising us as a team is the result of a long-time friendship and intensive time and interest sharing. Our main attributes are creativity, spontaneity, a serious and responsible approach to all tasks, and above all, the pleasure we have when creating ART. Our work is always striving to be the best possible response to given tasks/problems. Every new task is a challenge for each of us.

With our years of experience we have created a number of high-quality work for many clients. These works you can find on our site

our Clients

Down below you can find some of the clients that we had the pleasure of working with.

Some of the finished products are available for viewing in the portfolio section.